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Posted on by danroo

Public Release is new and improved, With tons of new things and super user friendly! Our Framework is coming out great.

It’s finally here after a long few weeks! We are now using a fancy component library for the form controls. This forced us to use custom dlls and they are now embedded to the exe. This is why the exe is much larger now.

New interface
New buff system with custom intervals
Auto updater
Fixed auto skill bug where it would go off while not in combat
Added a bunch of settings to the settings file
Will not select gatherable item if distance is greater than maxgather distance
Added quick settings to the main tab to quickly disable/enable key systems and features
Added flying waypoint paths for combat/gathering
Added agro mob protection during gathering
Fixed issues where a mob wouldn’t be removed from the system and it would try to target an enemy that wasn’t there

There is much more but I cannot remember.


F1: Target Self
Tab: Select nearest mob
Num Lock: Autorun


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